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FAQ - English version

(french)Une version française est disponible ici.

  1. Who am I?I am a french non-professional photographer and videographer, centered on three main activities:
    • Photographs for Commons, the free image repositery of Wikipedia.
    • Cosplay photography.
    • Cosplay video, mainly for recording the performances of the cosplayers on Stage in Convention and publish them on youtube.

  2. Structure of the page - photo credit - image modification rules
    • The images are located on Flickr ordered by albums and collections.
      I am putting selections of images on my facebook page, now usually all the images are available via Flickr.
    • You can freely transfer from Flickr the images that concern yourself: those you are on you or your friends. you can also freely use them outside of facebook, from the instant you credit me.
    Photo credit
    • Outside of facebook, at your choice: "esby" / "styeb (flickr)".
    • On Facebook, you can either tag my page or mention it in the credit "esby (photo)". Crediting the page is preferred to crediting my personal account.

    Image modification rules:
    • From the instant you are on the photograph, you can freely edit / modify the photo I made. That being said, I appreciate that you mention that editing was performed. You can freely remove the banner. I'd suggest to use the Flickr version of the image and not the facebook version, because the flickr one will come with higher resolution and higher image quality than the one of the page...
    • If you want the RAW file of a given photograph, ask me directly for it.
  3. About copyrights

    I consider that the costum and performance of the cosplayer are their intelectual properties. I cannot allow myself to pretend to have any rights on these. For the same reasons, if a cosplayer uses a copyrigthed music for his/her performance or that his/her costum is an exact replica or derivated from an existing copyrighted work, he will not be able to pretend to have all rights on these.
  4. What means 'Copyleft' here?
    I believe in the ethics of the Free Software (Free as Freedom, not as Free Ber) which means that I think that my medias (photographs or videos) should be reusable for by all people. However, I cannot give rights that would go against the law. The photographied persons have personality rights (at least here in France) I think it would be abusive for myself to authorize publication for any usage, without the consent of the person being photographied. It would be also abusive to pretend that rights don't exist on the costumes, on the performances or on the musics used for the performances.This means you are allowed to reuse the photographies if you are on these, without asking me for the permission from the instant your credit me: Either the photography has a banner and this will be enough if you keep it. Either you must mention at your choice: "esby" or  "Yves Tennevin"or "" in the description of the media. Then, you need to check according to the following cases:
    • For cosplay photography, you must reach the consent of the person on the photography. If you are alone on the photo, that means you can re-use it as you wish, without my permission.
    • For landscape and panorama photographies, you are free to reuse these.
    • For public personality photographies, those photographies are usually present (or will be) on Wikipedia and Commons, you can then apply the exact condition granted by the licence there, while respecting the personality rights and the dignity of the subject being represented.
  5. Can  'Copyleft' be applied to my videos?
    Yes, for some part: you can freely use and embed my Youtube videos. I can also provide you a copy in a given format (avi or mkv) of your perfomance by a private way if you need or desire it.
    My Youtube Cosplay Videos are not and (will not be) monetized. They are made:
    • for the promotion of Cosplay.
    • to offer a visual record of their performances to the cosplayers.
    • in a non-commercial context.
    As I cannot allow myself to make money on the works and passions of others.
  6. I don't like one of my photo, can I ask you to delete or remove it?
    Yes, there is no issue about it, I won't bite you, and I can do that without much problem. I'd say that whatever the reason, the photo will be removed shortly after from facebook and Flickr. If it is a public personality photography on Wikipedia and Commons, this will be more complicated, because it's up to the community of Commons to decide of the deletion of such photographies. The easier solution in this case will be to contact me in private to explain the issue and to have advice on the next steps of the operations.
    If you have an issue with a video, you can also contact me.
  7. What equipment are you using?
    • For Cosplay photography: a Panasonic GH2 with two prime optics: one 20mm at f/1.7 and one 45mm at f/1.8, with a Metz AF58-2 flash, that I sometimes mount on a tripod, a reflector and some cactus triggers.
    • For the videos, the same panasonic GH2, mounted on a tripod, with a 14-140 zomm (f/4-5.6) with a remote.
    • For the other photographies, according to the needs, for Portrait, the 45mm, for most other cases the 20mm. For panoramics, the 20mm with a Nodal Ninja 3 panoramical mount.
  8. Can you give me advices to buy some photographic equipment?

    No.The main reason is that people won't have the money for their taste.The secondary reason is that choicing a camera and its brand is like choosing a religion, ultimately, the usage will determine what is really needed.Anyway, for a given price range, You should find equipment similar in performance answering most of your needs.
  9. You are the organizer of an event and you'd wish I'll capture some part of it in video.
    Contact me prior to the event, if the project interests me, I might be able to do something, if it's far from Toulon in France, I might be asking a reimbursement for the transport. You have a project that needs a camera, you can also contact me. However, I don't have a stabiliser other than a tripod, so there will be limitations to what I can do.
  10. I have other questions?Feel free to ask these, I'll try to answer these.

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